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Partner Network

The Community Partner Network (CPN) represents a consortium of organizations and volunteers that have come together as a team to meet the needs of neighbors struggling with poverty and crisis.

The CPN empowers and equips the community to stand in the gap where a bridge is desperately needed to critical resources. It strategically canvases the community for vital resources and connects these resources to service providers and faith-based initiatives.

Upcoming Events

october 17 2019: STREET OUTREACH for the homeless:2019 CARE POINT CONNECTORS’ CONFERENCE

Connectors are the “boots on the ground” – they connect people in dire need to help.

October 24, 2019: HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Training for Service ProViders

As a follow-up to our August 29th Call-to-Action event, we’re going to be training service providers.

November 22 - 24, 2019: ALTERNATIVES TO VIOLENCE (AVP) Basic Workshop

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) helps us explore the power we all have to change hostility and destructiveness into cooperation, community, and justice. In this three-day weekend workshop, find out how to do this in your daily life.

November 21, 2019: CPN Planning Meeting

Our November meeting will be a strategic planning meeting for all Roundtables. It will be a time to reflect on the accomplishments of 2019, lessons learned, and plan the event calendar for 2020.

Get Connected!

If you are looking for programs or services in North Carolina, please dial 2-1-1 or use the online Search Tool.

The ultimate list of service providers in Wake County. The data is maintained and checked regularly.

Not listed?

Listed but out of date?

Need more information?

NCCARE360 is the first statewide coordinated care network to better connect individuals to local services and resources.

Individuals and organizations not already in the NCCARE360 network can still request referrals.

Our outcome goals are always about increasing the capacity to serve people with critical needs:

How can we serve more people and how can we do it better?

We are structured for success

We have THE DATA

We actively stay abreast of the community demographic, economic, and community data that matters to grant writers. Analysis of a given region of Wake County, or even a neighborhood, can easily be compared to the same countywide data.


We provide information on non-discrimination regulation to help organizations receiving state and federal grant funding meet compliance requirements. Our partnering consultants can assist with developing Compliance and Public Involvement Plans.

We have THE MAP

Need to find a community resource? It is probably on the map. If it is not, it needs to be on the map. So, help us get our community resources on the map and make them easy for people to find.

Our Partners


The CPN represents over 300 volunteers that have historically served, contributed to and/or administered human services for people in need and crisis. The primary modes of communication are web-based and include email notifications and website postings. The system custodian is the Transformation Exchange. It can:

  • Spread the word about an event, service or program;
  • Bring focused areas of expertise around a problem that needs a solution; and
  • Add a collaborative facet to case management by providing group communication to Roundtable Referral and Advocate Teams.

CPN LogoRoundtable Forums are the Community Partner Network’s (CPN’s) pathway to project work and collaboration between our faith, business, agency and non-profit members.

It is this commitment to work faithfully together that has forged a network of organizations and volunteers known and the CPN.

In the beginning, this only happened at an annual event hosted by Crossroads Fellowship Church. Community partners came together for “Roundtable” discussions about critical issues and needs impacting Wake County communities and residents struggling with poverty and crisis. It was a time when those who needed resources sat with those who had resources to share. Together, community partners looked for solutions and next steps to tackle really big problems. These meetings will still occur and it is hoped that these will be increased and take place across all regions of Wake County.

To open this forum and channel the synergy it produced into an ongoing continuum, the Transformation Exchange is developing an on online version of the event where concentrated expertise around the tough topics and scarcity of resources can be addressed head-on as a team 24/7.

Just to get you started…

Here are some great resources to tap in Wake County

A one-of-a-kind, searchable database of the North Carolina collateral consequences of a criminal conviction. See what someone with a criminal record can and cannot do post-release.

Check out the easy access to portals for:

  • Children and Family Services
  • Wake County Food Access
  • Coordinated Entry

Grants for a variety of services, rotating throughout the year. Get to know them!