GOALS: To educate employers on how hiring from non-traditional employment pools can be of benefit. Provide forums where employers, service providers and potential employees can collaborate on creative solutions to successful employment.

ACTIVITIES: The Hiring Well, Doing Good Project is a collaborative effort to provide educational events for employers about the how hiring from non-traditional employment pools strengthen the community and is good for the bottom line.  

Events: December 6, 2018, January 24, 2019

“When employers Hire Well and are intentional about Doing Good, the community prospers in abundance as individuals earn their personal and financial stability: Outcomes and lives change, families leave behind system dependency, communities increase the local tax base, and hope sparks the freedom to dream the dream for Wake County families!”

Priorities – 5/23/2019

  • Identify programs that have open seats.
  • Service providers need to identify client pools to engage for programming.
  • Educate/recruit employers on the benefits of Hiring Well, Doing Good.
  • Offer/encourage on-boarding and client-retention services – this could be invaluable for employers.

    Priorities – 3/28/2019

    • Continue the Hiring Well Doing Good initiative. Adopt the current plan.
    • Educate employers on EEOC guidelines.
    • Emphasize Life Skills Training for participants to help ensure success.
    • Seek out and foster apprenticeships and other opportunities to work and learn.
    • Need to adapt programs to accommodate people in poverty/crisis who must have an income while they are learning.

      Participating Organizations

      • Advocates for Justice
      • Carroll’s Kitchen
      • Creative Management Staffing Services
      • DHHS, Vocational Rehab
      • DHHS, Division of the Blind
      • Disability Rights NC
      • DOC, Workforce Solutions
      • Doing Good at Work NC
      • Governor’s Office
      • Jobs for Life
      • NC DHHS, Food and Nutrition Employment and Training Program 
      • Passage Home
      • Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
      • StepUp Ministries
      • Transformation Exchange
      • US EEOC District Office
      • Veterans Affairs
      • Wake County Workforce Development
      • Wake Technical College

      Other Supporters

      • Policy Advisor, Office of NC Governor Roy Cooper
      • Disability Rights NC
      • Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
      • Criminal Law Attorney – Advocates for Justice & Disabilities
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      Wisdom Web Consulting
      Wake Network of Care
      Oak City Cares
      StepUp Ministry
      Crossroads Fellowship
      Gateway to Jesus
      Alliances Health
      Doing Good at Work
      CMS Staffing
      We Stand Guard
      Jobs for Life
      Neighbor Health
      Carroll's Kitchen
      Planning Communities
      Counsel on Immigrant Relations
      Visions of Tomorrow NC
      NC Department of Commerce
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