GOALS: To educate employers on how hiring from non-traditional employment pools can be of benefit. Provide forums where employers, service providers and potential employees can collaborate on creative solutions to successful employment.

ACTIVITIES: The Hiring Well, Doing Good Project is a collaborative effort to provide educational events for employers about the how hiring from non-traditional employment pools strengthen the community and is good for the bottom line.  

Events: December 6, 2018, January 24, 2019

“When employers Hire Well and are intentional about Doing Good, the community prospers in abundance as individuals earn their personal and financial stability: Outcomes and lives change, families leave behind system dependency, communities increase the local tax base, and hope sparks the freedom to dream the dream for Wake County families!”

Priorities – 5/23/2019

  • Identify programs that have open seats.
  • Service providers need to identify client pools to engage for programming.
  • Educate/recruit employers on the benefits of Hiring Well, Doing Good.
  • Offer/encourage on-boarding and client-retention services – this could be invaluable for employers.

    Priorities – 3/28/2019

    • Continue the Hiring Well Doing Good initiative. Adopt the current plan.
    • Educate employers on EEOC guidelines.
    • Emphasize Life Skills Training for participants to help ensure success.
    • Seek out and foster apprenticeships and other opportunities to work and learn.
    • Need to adapt programs to accommodate people in poverty/crisis who must have an income while they are learning.

      Participating Organizations

      • Advocates for Justice
      • Carroll’s Kitchen
      • Creative Management Staffing Services
      • DHHS, Vocational Rehab
      • DHHS, Division of the Blind
      • Disability Rights NC
      • DOC, Workforce Solutions
      • Doing Good at Work NC
      • Governor’s Office
      • Jobs for Life
      • NC DHHS, Food and Nutrition Employment and Training Program 
      • Passage Home
      • Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
      • StepUp Ministries
      • Transformation Exchange
      • US EEOC District Office
      • Veterans Affairs
      • Wake County Workforce Development
      • Wake Technical College

      Other Supporters

      • Policy Advisor, Office of NC Governor Roy Cooper
      • Disability Rights NC
      • Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
      • Criminal Law Attorney – Advocates for Justice & Disabilities
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