Family Services

As we work with adults seeking assistance, the holistic engagement of the family as a unit (and especially the effects on the children) is often neglected. When one family member is in crisis, the entire family is impacted.

With the proper support and comprehensive address of the issues, the community has the power to change the statistical outcomes for children with adverse childhood experiences, keep the family functioning as a unit, and end the generational cycle of poverty. Community is the key.

GOALS: To restore the economic and social well-being of families who are faced with the effects of poverty and the trauma of crisis.


Find and develop:

  • Sponsored childcare services.
  • Educational opportunities for parenting skills and financial planning.
  • Faith-based organizations and mental health providers to offer family re-unification programming.
  • Faith-based organizations to open parent support groups within close proximity to the need.

Project Priorities – 5/23/2019

  • To develop/recruit resources/ improve access for clients to affordable childcare, housing, and transportation 
  • To encourage faith-based participation, private sector pro bono, volunteering of professional services through public involvement events and outreach

    Participating Organizations to Date 3/28/19

    • Clubs in the City
    • Cottage Health Care Services
    • Family Promise of Wake County
    • Haven House NC
    • Passage Home
    • Single Women with Children
    • Soar Outreach
    • Take A Journey
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