Health Services

Finding affordable healthcare (physical, mental and substance abuse services) for vulnerable populations is a priority for agencies and non-profit service providers. If someone has a health issue, it impacts all other aspects of their life.

GOALS: To educate the community about trending healthcare risks and come up with creative solutions to getting affordable healthcare to those most in need.


To help fill the significant gaps in this area, CPN can:

  • Recruit volunteers, especially multi-lingual, to take healthcare messages into faith organizations and schools.
  • Recruit and connect volunteer healthcare professionals willing to provide services pro-bono or at a sliding scale to clients that cannot afford the high cost of uninsured healthcare. We can connect professionals with service providers who can make this a fulfilling experience.
  • Collect and package healthcare supplies and necessities for homeless, shelters, and emergency care providers.

Project Priorities – 5/23/2019

  • Spread the word about NCCARES360
  • Better understand the existing services offered in the community

Project Priorities – 3/28/2019

  • Healthcare is too broad a focus area to adequately cover the needs. As the Health Services Roundtable is populated with participating organizations, the Roundtable will be sub-divided into three categories:
    • Primary and Dental Care
    • Mental Health
    • Addiction.
  • Build a continuum of connected services from poverty to thriving.
  • Develop a checklist of what families need to be successful, with associated resources, and a way to determine availability in real time (beds, food, # youth that can register).
  • Connect providers through shared meetings.
  • Develop funding resources.
  • Understand the process for getting housing in crisis situations.
  • Establish a central location to meet clients.

Participating Organizations

  • Alliance Behavioral Healthcare
  • Alliance Medical Ministry
  • Neighbor Health Center
  • WakeMed
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