Affordable housing stock in Wake County is scarce to non-existent and the problem is growing at an exponential rate.

GOALS: To advocate for affordable housing in the community and educate and encourage individual landlords to offer low-cost housing options.

OPPORTUNITIES: Some things this CPN Roundtable could do:

  • Identify, inventory and engage landlords and organizations in supporting affordable housing.
  • Develop a process by which providing affordable housing to people considered “At Risk” is feasible.
  • Support service providers willing to support housing initiatives through programs that reduce risk and defray the expense of landlords.
  • Develop alternative funding resources, perhaps subsidies generated from non-profits, donations from local churches and congregations, and/or agency programs.
  • Advocate for action to incentivize private sector support in building affordable housing stock.

    Project Priorities – 5/23/2019

    • Decided to focus on how to house those with challenges, including thos who are recently/formerly incarcerated, those who have mental health issues, and families.
    • Review the challenges of each of these challenged groups, define their barriers, and come up with ideas for mitigating.
    • Continue to encourage everyone to use the Coordinated Entry locations.

    Project Priorities – 3/28/2019

    • Develop investment opportunities which will help generate private interest in closing the affordable housing gap.
    • Engage landlords and educate them about opportunities, including reentry, short-term, long-term, and affordable housing.
    • Re-define “affordable housing.”
    • Support/encourage service providers to support housing initiatives through programs that reduce risk and defray expenses to landlords.
    • Leverage agencies to help mitigate risk for landlords.
    • Accelerate agencies/renters pace in getting the renter in place.
    • Recruit landlords currently involved in affordable housing to help engage/teach other landlords how to qualify for affordable housing.
    • Find out more about the Real Estate Alternative (TREA) and OZONE (emergency housing for youth) opportunities.
    • Develop alternative funding resources, including subsidies generated from non-profits, local congregations, fund drives, etc.
    • Advocate for action/incentivize private sector support to build more affordable housing stock.

    Participating Organizations

    • CASA NC
    • Catholic Charities of Raleigh
    • Church in the Woods
    • Families Together NC
    • Interact of Wake County
    • Legal Aid NC
    • NC Department of Commerce
    • North Raleigh Ministries
    • ReDirection
    • The Carying Place
    • Wake County – Human Services
    • And advocate volunteers
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