To open access to services for immigrants and refugees experiencing barriers due to culture, language, and/or citizenship.

Efforts may be most effective working in collaboration with the Equitable Access Roundtable as many of these tasks align.


  • Identify and recruit service providers specific to immigrant and refugee challenges.
  • Raise public awareness about the needs of immigrants and refugees in Wake County (congregations, civic, and professional associations).  
  • Recruit multi-lingual volunteers for community outreach.

    Project Priorities – 3/28/2019

    • Help families connect with resources.
    • Partner with congregations to help open opportunities for accessing ESL services (work and family conflicts).
    • Tutor and advocate, alongside parents, for children not meeting grade performance expectations in school.
    • Develop language-specific presentations about work and housing related rights (safety, discrimination).

    Participating Organizations

    • Council on Immigrant Relations
    • Justice Matters
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    Wisdom Web Consulting
    Wake Network of Care
    Oak City Cares
    StepUp Ministry
    Crossroads Fellowship
    Gateway to Jesus
    Alliances Health
    Doing Good at Work
    CMS Staffing
    We Stand Guard
    Jobs for Life
    Neighbor Health
    Carroll's Kitchen
    Planning Communities
    Counsel on Immigrant Relations
    Visions of Tomorrow NC
    NC Department of Commerce
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