To open access to services for immigrants and refugees experiencing barriers due to culture, language, and/or citizenship.

Efforts may be most effective working in collaboration with the Equitable Access Roundtable as many of these tasks align.


  • Identify and recruit service providers specific to immigrant and refugee challenges.
  • Raise public awareness about the needs of immigrants and refugees in Wake County (congregations, civic, and professional associations).  
  • Recruit multi-lingual volunteers for community outreach.

    Project Priorities – 3/28/2019

    • Help families connect with resources.
    • Partner with congregations to help open opportunities for accessing ESL services (work and family conflicts).
    • Tutor and advocate, alongside parents, for children not meeting grade performance expectations in school.
    • Develop language-specific presentations about work and housing related rights (safety, discrimination).

    Participating Organizations

    • Council on Immigrant Relations
    • Justice Matters
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