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Wake County is a vibrant and growing metropolitan area, but not all of our communities share in this prosperity. Even with the one of the most advanced and effective Human Services Departments in the state, we have residents that are hungry and without basic, critical needs such as housing, transportation, and living wage employment.

The Community Partner Network seeks to equip the faith-based and civic partners to serve in the gap of human services by facilitating their connectivity to existing service providers that need community support to build capacity. We believe there are untapped resources in our community that, if organized effectively, could eliminate the gap between needs and available resources entirely.

Fill out the form below and let us know where you can stand in the gap.


We need:

  • Professional services – Can you volunteer legal, medical, and technical expertise with service providers and resource organizations?
  • In-kind donations – Can your organization sponsor regular drives that build resource inventories of service providers?
  • Mentors – Mentors and organizations are needed to support service provider clients that participate in stabilizing programming. Can you walk with a person with encouragement and accountability as they return to Wake County communities, work, or their families?
  • Resource identification – Can you offer, or know someone that can offer, housing, employment, childcare subsidies, education/tutors, or transportation assistance? We can help connect to service providers that manage the administration of care and distribution of resources.
  • Donations – We can raise awareness of needs here in our Wake County communities and increase access to causes that serve our immediate neighbors?