Reentry and Diversion


To develop a seamless process that helps people coming home from prison reenter communities successfully: Pre-releaseStabilization, and Re-Launch.


This process should examine the unique challenges faced by each participant, facilitate reentry plan development and provide mentor support from behind the gates of prison all the way through the gateways of our communities.

It should also provide a full assessment of health and well-being and work to mitigate findings through referrals to community partners that can help the returning citizen restore a sustainable quality of life.

ACTIVITIES: is a website created for the 2018 Wake County Reentry and Expunction Resource Fair that has been rededicated to be a source of information for the community around expunction and certificates of relief.

Project Priorities – 5/23/2019

  • Opening up and marketing expungement and Certificate of Relief resources
  • Support for Driver’s License Restoration.
  • Develop resources for Child Support and Voting.
  • Create education opportunities about the systemic racial disparities involved in reentry.

Project Priorities – 3/28/2019

  • How can we plant a Resource Team within a congregation/organization that would reflect the structure of the CPN Network? With a Peer Support Leader and mentors? Can this be part of the stabilization process? See Diagram. What Training/Education would be needed? To engage, it will start with education about Reentry….
  • A full day’s seminar has been developed from a four-module Sunday school series. It includes the history behind mass incarceration, the stats and numbers for national, state, and county reentry as well as a simulation exercise lead by IPMW. During the Sunday school class, Dr. Ruth spoke on the topic of the School to prison pipeline. There was no presentation provided. This section in the presentation needs to be recreated. Please discuss the elements of the module and how this will be developed. Access to a Google folder will be provided to deposit data and work on the slides.
  • Develop a list of communities/congregations/associations (bang for the buck) for consideration for a Reentry Event. Contacts, relationships.
  • Developed centralized team that facilitates recruitment of community resources.
  • Community Resource Court for Wake County that assists in Diversion Services.\Create a list of appropriate safe housing for individuals with criminal history.
  • Advocate against excessive sentencing; for minimum offense housing programs; and alternative service sentencing for misdeanor and minor offenses.
  • Holistic program for women and children/families with incarcerated members.

Participating Organizations

  • Bridges Puentes
  • Community Success Initiative (CSI)
  • Eckerd Connects
  • Interfaith Prison Ministries for Women
  • NC Department of Commerce
  • Redirection
  • SARC Center for Health, Equity and Justice, Inc.
  • Summit Church – Prison Ministry
  • UNC School of Medicine
  • Visions of Tomorrow NC
  • You & Five-O, LLC