To develop a volunteer transit service to support transportation deficient households get to work and public assistance services. 


Establish a fixed route: Metropolitan Core

  • Origin: A central hub where human services and assistance are received.
  • Destination: To specified resources in the community.
  • Example destinations: NC Food Bank, Clothing Closet or Thrift Store, Employment Fair, Soft Skills Class at a Non-Profit.

Satellite Commute: Establish routes to and from geographically isolated communities that need resources not available within the immediate locality.

Express Route: Set up service from Regional Centers or Human Services Offices to Raleigh Bus Station. One run and One return each day. Time of Day to be Determined. Suggested: 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

      Priorities – 5/23/2019

      • Become a participant in the Counties Transit Planning process, perhaps the Mobility Management Committee or Stakeholder Group.
      • Form a group of technical staff and transportation users to keep conversations going about improving human services transportation options and efficiencies, as recommended in the new Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan which was adopted by the MPO.
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