Workshop Recap

November 22, 2019

Alternatives to Violence (AVP) Basic Workshop


In our first AVP Basic Workshop, a small group got to explore getting to know themselves a little bit and learning some tools for better communication and keeping interactions from escalating to violence.


To discover new ways to reduce conflict in your world, your community, organization, or personal life. Enjoy a hands-on, fun, activity-based experience (no need to take notes!) in an intensive weekend workshop. People who’ve taken the training report they have connected deeply with others, laughed, shared, listened. They’ve experienced increased trust and self-esteem and learned ways to reduce conflict in their world—whether classroom, family, work, or community.

Registration fee of $25 helps cover materials, snacks, beverages, and lunch on Saturday.

Who is AVP for?

It is a program for everybody. Though founded by Quakers based on their belief in an inborn power for peace in everyone, it draws its participants and its trainers from all religions, races and walks of life.

Can I earn Continuing Education Credits?

Curriculum materials and documentation of your participation can be provided. You will need to seek approval for the credits with your organization.

Can I participate in just a portion of the weekend training?

Participants are asked to make a commitment to be present for the entire training.