Workshop Recap

January 16, 2020

CPN Human Trafficking and Abuse Roundtable

On January 16th, 2020, the Human Trafficking and Abuse Roundtable met at the Department of Administration in Raleigh, NC.  Organizations in attendance included:

  • NC DOA, Council of Women and Youth Involvement, Human Trafficking
  • Shield NC
  • Durham Crisis and Response Center
  • The Women’s Center
  • UNC’s School of Social Work, Project No Rest
  • Salvation Army’s, Project Fight
  • S.A.F.E of Rocky Mount
  • We Stand Guard
  • NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NC CASA)
  • Transformation Exchange, LLC
  • FBI
  • Johnston County Public Schools

    About the Human Trafficking and Abuse Roundtable

    Mission: To support organizations and initiatives currently responding to human trafficking in the Triangle Region in order to build capacity to serve victims and survivors.

    Focus: Raise community awareness; develop an expansive network of aftercare resources, recruit advocates/volunteers, and increase GET HELP access points (schools, public spaces, engagement of congregations and the private sector). 

    The problem: First response organizations need help with outreach and recruitment.  Our work is to support and assist these organizations with their on-going efforts. 

    CPN Support: The CPN Human Trafficking and Abuse Roundtable will work collaboratively on active projects aimed at finding solutions and resources.

    After a brief history of the CPN events leading up to the Roundtable initiation, Frances Bisby provided an overview of the Community Partner Network, its growth in 2019, and how it can support organizations and initiatives currently responding to human trafficking in the Triangle Region: connecting to network resources, employment, the overlap with reentry councils, data farming, and the provision of a collaborative platform from which raising public awareness and recruiting community resources.

    Emily Da Camara, with Project Fight, provided an in depth look at Project Fight and the resources that are needed along with their operations statistics from 2019. A list of needs from Project Fight was combined with those provided by the Durham Crisis and Response Center presentation by Charlene Reiss in October in the meeting handout.  

    Group discussion included the following:

    • Developing a process to receive community assets on the list;
    • Researching S.B. 199 requiring the report of activities related to human trafficking;
    • The importance of including labor trafficking in the initiative as well as the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. (May need to rethink what we call ourselves. Agreed that Human Trafficking covers both, but wanted to make sure we are addressing DV and SA with an emphasis on how they are all linked together.); 
    • To recruit partnerships with Alliance Health (Mental Health) and Project Access (Primary Care) to manage the recruitment of professionals as well training to respond to HT/SA/DV victims. Need to find and increase bilingual primary, mental health, vision and dental services for uninsured victims.
    • Volunteers to help pull information from the previous presentations and get permissions/donations of a collaborative message to be approximately 45 minutes long and include: magnitude of the problem, the signs, how to report, and local service providers. Target date one month.
    • HTDVSA Roundtable would be in favor of sponsoring a resource fair to meet the CPN service partners and bring their clients.
    • Next meeting to be held in one month, location to have free parking.