Workshop Recap

June 25, 2019

Community partner network resource fair

In June 2019, the CPN took some time off for the lazy days of summer to get to know one another.

Twenty-three organizations were represented and in-depth discussions ensued around legal services, reentry, education, peer support, addiction, and violence prevention. It was a great time to make connections, gain a better understanding of our resource gaps, and consider event teams that group Roundtable focus areas into relatable agendas for public involvement initiatives. Contact information for the June Workshop will be shared with the participants.


On November 30, 2018, we started with a discussion around Frances Bisby’s fireplace about the benefits of forming a collaborative culture. In just seven months, we have grown the network to reach over 800 contacts, we have hosted 143 workshop participants in three workshops, solidified a homebase, and garnered requested information about housing, NCCARE360, and developed our own internal communication system that is accessible to anyone with internet. We have scheduled service provider trainings and a community resource fair focused on mental health and set up a countywide “Call to Action” event around the hidden crisis in our community – Human Trafficking.

It is exciting to watch new partnerships being formed and to see the momentum building. The infrastructure to the network is completed and our time and energy can now be concentrated on Roundtable recruitment, CPN partnerships, public outreach, and community advocacy.

Help it Grow!

Please consider reaching out to your place of worship, civic groups, and associates to join the Roundtables. Bring a guest to a workshop! We would welcome the opportunity to present to groups and organizations about how to engage in the issues that affect our neighborhoods, schools, and quality of life in the Triangle.