Workshop Recap

November 21, 2019

Community partner network Strategic Planning and Birthday Party

Thank you to all that attended to celebrate our first year in operation. We appreciate your feedback and the wisdom of your experience. Most of all, we value your friendship and kindred spirit as we launch into our 2020 adventure.

We are excited to have grown so rapidly and it has been a wild ride. Both the size of the events, as well as the number of events, far surpassed our expectations. In 2020, we remain committed to keeping our events as free as possible limiting expenses to the cost of materials.

2019 was a year of the piloting processes to see what was effective and worked well within our service provider community. We are still learning and piloting, but have also gained experience andevidence for both  disappointments.

Some Take-A-Ways:

No one needs another meeting that does not yield one of the following: new resources, new client opportunities, access to training and relevant industry information, funding opportunities, or accomplishes a goal that directly feeds/informs the process for one of the same. Protecting and optimizing utilization requirements of our members and participants is important to us and aligns with our goals of building capacity. So, these are the objectives for each meeting in 2020.

Events that pool resources for speakers, venders, and public awareness PACK THE HOUSE! And, these can be done affordably. If we do it as a consortium, it can open access to literally hundreds in our audiences for a fraction of the cost by a single organizer.

The requests for CPN member supported events came as a pleasant and unexpected surprise and almost equaled the number of CPN events provided in 2019. We loved doing it, but found, it has grown beyond what Barb and I can do as volunteers and still feed our beloved Canines. So, we will joining the hunt for funding to keep costs down, but will begin in 2020 asking members who wish to utilize the CPN Outreach Tools to promote their events to contribute for time and materials. We will post a few outreach options before the first of the year.