Workshop Recap

September 26, 2019

Mental Health 101 Training

This training, sponsored by Alliance Health raisee community awareness about mental health conditions, how to connect to services, and best practices.



  • Wendy Gantt, MA, LPC, Community Education Specialist for Alliance Health was our trainer.
    Contact Wendy:

    Alliance is willing to bring this presentation to your organization, faith community or civic group – just contact Wendy!



  • The difference between “Mental Health” and “Mental Disorder”
  • Facts about Mental Health in the USA (did you know that approximately 42 million American adults – or about 18% of the adult population – live with some kind of anxiety disorder?)
  • The impact of mental disorders
  • Common disorders in youth
  • Signs of anxiety
  • How to tell if someone needs help – are they considering killing themselves?
  • What recovery looks like
  • How to take care of ourselves as we deal with others in crisis.