Workshop Recap

May 23, 2019

NCCARES360 and Coordinated Entry

Georgina Dukes, MHA, State Project Manager, NCCARES360 for Unite Us

Georgina gave us an overview of NCCARES360, which is the first statewide coordinated care network to electronically connect those with identified needs to community resources and allow for a feedback loop on the outcome of that connection.

She’d be happy to connect!

Here are the next steps for those ready to get started. It is FREE for service providers, faith communities, and others who interact with vulnerable populations.

Complete Partner Registration Form This step must be completed for your organization to join NCCARE360. This form requests information on your organization, programs available, and staff in order to set up organizational profiles in the Unite Us software and create user accounts.

Register for Software Training: Direct users of the software such as case managers, community health workers, referral coordinators, etc. are required to attend an in-person or virtual 2-hour training to receive log-in credentials. You can register yourself and your staff,

Schedule a Workflow Planning Meeting (Optional): Unite Us is happy to host a virtual or in-person meeting with your organization to learn more about your team & current workflows in order to make recommendations on which programs & users should use the software. You can email Georgina for more information on workflow planning. 

Abbie Szymanski, Executive Director, Raleigh-Wake Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness

Abbie talked about the Coordinated entry process that is used to help individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis access community resources.


  • There are eight Coordinated Entry Access sites in the Raleigh Area. If someone comes to you with a housing crisis, the best step is to get them to one of these Access Points.
  • The Wake Network of Care has more information about Coordinated Entry.
  • You can always call the Wake County Housing Resource and Referral line at 919-861-1195.